Time to finish: off by 2 minutes

Hi Everyone,

I have a new setup with a TDM800 card and running the latest version of Trixbox, Astrisk, and FreePBX after following all the instructions and looking for the answer on the forums. I can’t seem to get the system to forward to the correct location at the correct time.

If I set the time 2 minutes before closing it works, but if I set the time to 1 minute before or to the correct time it send the call to the extensions like we were open.

I’ve tested this several times and checked the server time, etc…

This is only happing in the Time to finish, the Time to Start works fine.

Any ideas anyone else run into this

Thanks in advance


You’ll need to be more specific as the statement “running the latest version of Trixbox, Astrisk, and FreePBX” does not tell us what versions of things you are running. Also 9 months from now anybody searching for the same problem will come across this and not know what you were running at the time to see if anything we recommend will fix the issue for them or not.

This is important as trixbox has forked FreePBX and if you are running the version that they forked we’ll probably not know for certain as they have taken it upon themselves to “improve” the code and not provide that code back to us.

It’s totally possible that they broke something (would not be the first time) when they forked it.

So please provide specific version information and we’ll see if we can help.

Yes your correct I should have included the versions.

Ok here we are;

Asterisk 1.4.22-3
FreePBX - 2.5.1

I was unaware that Trixbox had forked FreePBX, since this is a new system and our existing phone system is still in operation, would it be better to start over with another version such as PBX in a flash, etc… any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

That is for you to decide, but trixbox and it’s development and support teams have in the last few weeks been hit with some serious layoffs. Coupled with that you’ll have to decide if you want to stay with them or not Me personally I would not but is for you to decide. There are several other good choices out like PIAF, AsteriskNow, etc…

Ok in the mean time you are not using the forked version as it’s 2.5.1 and not the 5.5 version they screwed around with.

Is your server configured to use and display local time or GMT time?

Thanks for your point of view,

Server is set for EST local time.

I’ll look at the others to install, but will discuss that in another thread in order to keep this on topic.