Time & Temp Announcer Script

well you put it indirectly in the dialplan perhaps using shell(), probably easier after RTFM again, (how did it go the last time, you were real quick!)

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Read the fleeting manual. It’s a quick read.

You mean the one with small print that comes with the bottle with a tube? If so, yep real quick results.

So how do I write the bash or php script I have this for the temperature.

curl http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?zip=10001,&appid=(apikeyredactedbymod)&units=imperial

pipe that though jq, there are FM’s for that too :slight_smile:

(you just gave away your family jewels :wink: )

So I need to put that in jq?

No, you need to ‘pipe’ it through jq (that’s in the FM also)

How do I do that?

By RTFM ! (or should I say “By RTFM |”)

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