Time server

I do this post to understand one thing …

If I go to the shell and execute date I get a time, while if I go in time condition it indicates one hour less …

I state that everything is set to IT

Is it something that is not working and that I need to configure better?

If I understand your issue, your time is showing 1 hour off of what it’s supposed to be. If that’s correct, look at the time zone your system is set to and if your locale observes daylight savings time; both of these adjust the time by an hour.

That being said, my system time is an hour off when using the date command via console, but shows correctly on the phones & in the GUI. No idea why… it’s the only linux system I have (out of over a dozen) to do this. Only thing it really impacts is the timestamp in the log files, so I decided to ignore it after failing to diagnose it on here.

Best of luck to you; if you figure it out, please report back what caused it. :slight_smile:

The FreePBX gui uses it’s php version of what time zone it should use, whereas the ‘system’ has its own definition of what timezone it is in.

for modern linux kernels

timedatectl -h

for php. edit the php.ini of the webserver (or CLI) that concerns you.

locate php.ini

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