Time not syncing with phones

PBXact and Sangoma phones. Latest updates and firmware as of today.

Had a test S705 I tried to make some changes to its template and it went in to a boot loop. Had to remove it after watching it boot, check firmware reboot, PnP List(press ignore or ok no matter), check firmware, reboot, rinse lather repeat for 4hrs.

S500 time is now not syncing. I can change the date and time format and make other changes but the time and date will not change to current. For whatever reason this spreading to other phones on our network, probably after updating their firmware.

I also have other sites with this time issue.

Another weird thing, every time I make a change to a template with the latest firmware, save and update phone, the phone checks firmware which seems new and is annoying.

While working on this post I switched firmware from 1.39 back to 1.38 and the time on the phone changed to 08-10-2017 17:45:xx. Changed it back 1.39 and time to 09-15-2017 17:30:xx. That should look familiar to the devs. In the Information menu Line 4, it’s the same time/date I would guess as the firmware build time/date. The phone won’t update to the correct time.

Is UDP 123 opened outbound on your firewall or are you using an internal Time Server. Where are you pointing your NTP settings to?

I meant to add the time and date are correct on PBXact, that was the first thing I checked.

PBXact has nothing to do with it. in EPM under your template where are you pointing your NTP server to for the phone?

We don’t block egress ntp from this subnet. For kicks I changed the server in the template to a time server on another network, no update and then changed it to the PBX, same no update. Fired up a Linux VM and sync time no problem from the PBX. So to answer your question, not a firewall issue.

I just re-read your post. :slight_smile:

I have encountered where the file does not update. I might suggest building a brand new template or just simply cloning the one you have and applying that to the phones. If that does not work. Then Delete all your config files using WinSCP, make a new template and apply all your phones, Save, Rebuild and Update Phones. You will have to manually reboot your phones I think.

I have seen certain settings in a template sort of “corrupt” and it no longer works. Never encountered it with Sangoma but I have had a few times with Yealink phones.

I think it’s an issue with EXP100. More to come.

When I add the EXP100 the firmware gets checked and then reboot. Comes back with the date/time of the firmware build.
I take out the EXP100 from Extension Mapping
delete the extension from Extension Mapping
factory reset the phone
login like a new phone
apply the template

I’m back to normal minus the EXP100.

To me it seems like an issue with the EXP100.

We have free support on Sangoma phones and free big tracker. Please open a ticket. The devs don’t watch here for things like this.

I was sure it was a bug but wanted to fling the issue in here just in case I missed something.

Thanks guys.