Time issues

If I check the time either through time conditions or through the cli I see the correct time. However when a call comes in it routes to the wrong place. I checked the asterisk logfiles and found this

TIMENOW: 19:30,Mon,24,Sep

Which is 4hr ahead. Why would the asterisk logfiles give the wrong time but the systems seems the correct time?

Once upon a time, the Asterisk logs were always stored in UTC. Are you four timezones from Greenwich?

Hmm. Maybe. We are -5 EST although with daylight savings time falling back does that put me at -4?

I rebooted the system and made a call and the time showing in the Asterisk Logfiles now match what I see when I run date from the cli and also what the web gui shows in TC. Odd but I’ll take it. Thanks

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Check the Admin, System Admin, Time Zone page where it states that the system must be rebooted for time zone changes to propagate.

good point. I thought that I had rebooted it after changing it from UTC but perhaps I was thinking of another system.

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