Time Groups with IVR issue

FreePBX 10.0

I have 1 Time Group named ‘Open’ defined as 8AM to 5:05PM
I have 1 Time Condition named NormalHrs which is set as the destination for MainInboundRoute. When condition is matched we send the callss to our RingAll Ring Group. When Condition does not Match we send it to an IVR called closed which gives our Normal Business Hours and politely accepts a message.

I have over ride enabled and no matter what I cannot over ride with the correct feature code.

Not only that I have moved my start time for the condition to 6am, and it still doesn’t work.

I witnessed all of this stuff working with the RC. What gives?

Thank YOu

I created a work around by using the call flow toggle. This is only marginally acceptable as the end user already saw the time group condition feature operating properly. I will try and create a clone of his system once I get back home and offer my assistance in figuring this out.