Time Group - Time conditions - Strategies

I’m seeking explanations on how to apply the proper logic with time conditions/time groups.

What I’m trying to accomplish is this:
a) Is today a holiday?
Yes: Play Holiday Announcement
No: Go to next condition

b) Is it between 9 and 17:30?
Yes: Go to IVR - Normal Hours
No: Play Business Hours Announcement (or go to a voicemail)

c) is it between 12:30 and 13:00
Yes: Go to IVR - Lunch Period
no: Go to IVR - Normal hours

I’ve been reading on time groups and conditions quite a bit, but so far, I can put my finger on something that would make sense.

Any suggestions from people that have more experience than mean?

Thank you!


Based on what you want here’s what I suggest.

  1. Make a Time Group for Holidays. Put all your holiday dates/times here.

  2. Make a Business Time Group. This will have 9-12:30 and 13-17:30

  3. Make Lunch Time Group = 12:30 - 13:100

  4. Make Holiday Time Condition, use Holiday Time Group. If Matched (true) go to Holiday announcement. If Unmatched (false) go to Lunch Time Condition.

  5. Make Lunch Time Condition, use Lunch Time Group. If Matched, go to lunch IVR, if unmatched go to Business Hours TC

  6. Make Business Hours TC, use Business Time Group. If Matched normal IVR, if unmatched go to business announcement.

Won’t be a 100% in that order as you have to create each TC and Time Group first in order to point to it but that would be the logic.

Thank you Tom, will give it a try!

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