Time Group / Time condition difficulty

Hi All, Everyone here is always such a great help, I’m hoping you can help out a newbie to the FreePBX world… (Avaya/Matrix convert)

I have a customer who has two different locations (hosted PBX) and both locations have different days/hours of operation… they want the phones to automatically go to voicemail on days they are closed and hours they are closed… the problem I’m having is…

How do I:

  1. Make sure that ALL the time groups for a specific location are checked
  2. Make it so if NONE of the time groups are met, it goes to voicemail for that specific location?

Example: Location 1
Sun & Mon - Closed
Tues 3pm - 6pm
Wed & Thurs - 9am - 9pm
Fri & Sat - noon - 6pm

So, if it matches ANY of those time groups on the correct day/time, it needs to ring the ring group, if it doesn’t match ANY of them, I need it to go to VM… I’ve got it so it checks them all as of right now, but can’t figure out how to make it so if it doesn’t match ANY, it goes to VM…

Running FreePBX 2.9

Thanks a bunch, will try to provide any other information that may be needed.

I’m completely lost as to how to do this… any help would be greatly appreciated…


Make a Time Group for the hours. Add the Time Group to a Time Condition and have the Destination if time does not match set to go to a voice mailbox.

Alan, that requires making multiple time groups, as there are different hours every day… How do I make it so that it checks all the time groups, then if doesn’t match any goes to VM?

I’ve already setup multiple time groups, one for each set of matching open/close hours, and I’ve set it to check all of them, but it just constantly goes in a circle, as it never finds a “if doesn’t match ANY, go to VM” setting…


Let’s say you had a different greeting after hours for each day of the week. You would have 7 time conditions, each one would point to the next TC and the last one would point to the non-matching destination?

This is also how you do Holiday groups.

Does this make sense?

You only need one Time Group with multiple days in it. Once you have the time group you put it in a time condition. The Time Condition has two destinations one for a match and one when there is not match.

Alan, how can i make only one time group when each day is different hours?

see image

After you submit it the first time go back and edit it. You can then add multiple time expressions.

Like this:

Skyking, ROCK ON!!! thanks!!!

p.s. Skyking, what would you charge for tutoring someone in locking down hosted servers?