Time conditions?

Tried to set up time conditions as I have a number in a +7 time zone and want to enjoy my sleep as well.
But it seems to be that the rules destination if time matches and don’t matches are reversed or is it just me?
Am running FreePBX


Please check every things again. May you are sleepy :slight_smile:

When you set up a time condition/time group, there is usually an indicator on the screen that tells you what the current time that the condition will be using is. Double check that time setting and make sure that you aren’t on a foreign (UCT, for example) time zone in your PBX.

Problem is solved now, somehow also my CDR records were a few hours off. But after some messing around that was all of a sudden solved, I have no clue what did it because I had tried it all.
My server time displayed the correct time when I set up the time condition.
Now that I tested the time conditions I ended up in the voicemail, changed things around and it works like it should.


CDR is always off - they call data records are always written using UCT.

Yes but in my reporting while it was around 4pm CDT the report said it was around midnight CDT. Found a posting that the time-config sometimes didn’t work so I tried everything. Running the script, doing it manually, rebooting the BBB but my CDR report still reported around midnight.
Next day I found an error that I made in my fax config, corrected it make a testcall and looked at the reporting after the call was answered and the time was correct displayed in my local timezone (CDT).
But after that I never tried the time conditions, After I saw your posting I called my number and heard the voicemail, changed the settings around and it worked.
So don’t know what I did to correct it, but was also the first time I encountered this problem