Time conditions

I would like to set up time conditions but I would like to set up a condition to be “every other”. How can I do it in freepbx?

Looks to me like there is no “simple” drop down to select for it, but checkout this post about “nesting” your time conditions

For example
Create one time condition to match the first Monday for example, if it matches do this, if it doesnt match, send to second condition

Second condition
If it matches the 3rd monday do this, if not go to time condition 3

Time condition 3 (everything else)
If it matches (meaning it is not the 1st or 3rd monday) do this (go to queue for example)
Else, do that (go to ivr for example)

Would be nice if there was a “every other” option, but its still workable

That what I was thinking already but there is no option for “1st” monday. It looks like it has to be set by a date which will not apply the next time around. I would like to set something to do it on the 1st and 3rd mondays of the month.

We are limited by gotoiftime.

One of my side projects is a calendar module which would allow you to go in and set up a Google calendar for all of this.

I will eventually have free time.

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That’s great i’m not the only one wanting this option. Is there a work around in the mean time?

I would do as @rchase mentioned above.

You could still do it, but i see what you mean with the problem of monday not being the same date each month. Maybe you will have to manually change the time conditions once per month, selecting the actual dates of the first and third monday for example

Maybe someone will post a better workaround

If you select 1-7 and Monday on the same condition, it will apply when both are true. This will get you for the first Monday, and then 15-21 Monday should actually work for the third Monday. I haven’t stepped through the logic in my head too much but I don’t see any glaring flaws.

Additionally Tigger, I thought there was only one of you, why do you need the 1197 ? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Holiday schedule handling