Time conditions senario

I am trying to figure out a way to make these time conditions work. Here is the senario.
Hours of operation are 830-430 Mon-Friday
Closed all other times.
Lunch hour for main reception is 1230-130 Mon - Friday.

Here is what I would like to accomplish. During the hours from 830 -1230 Mon-Fri time condition so that inbound calls go to ring group 1234.

During lunch hours 1230-130 Mon - Fri time condition so that inbound calls go to ring group 2345.

Then after lunch from 130 to 430 Mon - Fri inbound calls go to ring group 1234 again.

Any time after 430 Mon - Fri calls go to voicemail at ext 1000
from 430 Fri-830 Mon calls go directly to voicemail ext 1000

Any thoughs would be appreciated.

There are many ways to accomplish this scenario, this one of them:

Time condition “lunch time” with one time group 1230 to 1300 mon-fri
If time matched go to ring group 2345, if time not matched go to voicemail ext 1000

Time condition “open hours” with two time groups 830 to 1230 and 1300 to 1630 mon-fri
If time is matched go to ring group 1234, if time not matched go to time condition “lunch time”

Finally, point your inbound route to time condition “open hours”

Question is, how accurate lunch time is, if it actually runs on time, you are good.

Otherwise, look into Call Flow Control will help you.

Thats how I have it. However, my issue is the condition from 430PM Fri - 830AM Mon. For this condition I want it to go directly to voicemail of ext 1000.

Lunch time hours are accurate. Never use Call flow.

That’s what the conditions do.

That is already taken care of by the “lunch time” time condition, when not matched

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