Time Conditions Rules


I am having some issues setting up time conditions on FreePBX and was looking for some help.

What I am looking to achieve:

Weekends : Forwards to an extension
8am - 9pm : Ring group
9pm - 3am : Forwards to an extension
3am - 8am : Forwards to a ring group on a different trunk

I have read the documentation and understand there is no AND or OR but that I should be able to link time conditions together with an If else mentality.

I have created my time conditions but cant get them linking as there is no way to specify another time condition if it doesnt match:

My system versions are:

Backup & Restore2.10.0.41Schmoozecom.comEnabled and up to date
Blacklist2.10.0.2FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Bulk Phone Restart2.10.0.4Schmoozecom.comEnabled and up to date
CallerID Lookup2.10.0.1FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Custom Applications2.10.0.1FreePBXEnabled and up to date
DUNDi Lookup Registry2.10.0.1FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Feature Code Admin2.10.0.3FreePBXEnabled and up to date
FreePBX ARI Framework2.10.0.5FreePBXEnabled and up to date
FreePBX Framework2.10.1.6FreePBXOnline upgrade available (
FreePBX Localization Updates2.10.0.0FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Java SSH2.10.0.1FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Online Support2.10.0.2FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Phonebook2.10.0.4FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Phonebook Directory2.10.0.1FreePBXEnabled and up to date
Recordings3.3.11.8FreePBXEnabled and up to date
System Admin2.10.0.68Schmoozecom.comEnabled and up to date
User Panel FreePBXNot Installed (Available online:
iSymphony1.4.6 Enabled; Not available online

and time conditions:

Time Conditions2.10.0.2FreePBXEnable

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I had to do a similar setup for a customer last year. Not sure if there is a BETTER, CLEANER way of doing it, but you will need multiple Time Groups and Conditions…I think with what you are trying to do you’ll need 4 of each.

Create 4 Time Groups:
Weekends : Forwards to an extension
8am - 9pm
9pm - 3am
3am - 8am

Create 4 Time Conditions and roll them into each other one by one. Hope this helps…

The reason you cannot link to another time condition is because the GUI only shows categories that have entries. Choos a dummy destination, then create your timegroups, and then it will show the TimeConditions category in the drop down and you will be able to link them together.

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As a general rule, you can link callflows from anything to anything in FreePBX with very few exceptions.