Time Conditions overrides weirdness

Running 6.12.65-24 against Asterisk 11 on a stand-alone Dell OptiPlex desktop.

An issue with overrides was reported to me and this morning I verified.

Before 8:00 AM the system is in an unmatched state, which causes it to ring directly to an IVR. I entered *272 to override the state and in the admin panel the condition changed to “Temporary Unmatched”, when it should change to “Temporary Matched”.

If I waited about 60 seconds I could send another *272 and that would put it into “Temporary Matched”. BUT, also several times it changed state in the admin panel from “Temporary Unmatched” to “No Override” without any user intervention.

Look through the logs - I have seen this before, and it has ALWAYS been someone being “Helpful” who thinks they know what they are doing.

Also, do you have any extensions close to that number - because a VoiceMail Transfer to extension 227 could easily be screwed up as *272 - grep /var/log/asterisk/full for *272 and you can see where it is coming from.

Also, add a PIN to the feature code so that no one can claim to do it accidentally.


Thanks, Greg. At the time there was only one person in the office and I was on the phone with them, so I’m pretty certain there wasn’t another user tinkering with things. That said, I will add a PIN and re-test this eve when the time condition rolls back to unmatched.