Time Conditions not working - How do I troubleshoot?

I was on : FreePBX - and everything worked fine
After I did module updates (and added Fop2). Now: FreePBX
Time conditions stopped working. When I call after hours I get the day IVR.

Any thoughts as to how I can troubleshoot this? What to look for? This update was a disaster! Fortunately I don’t do updates on my production system. This is why.

there is no known issues with timecondtions failing in the manner youre describing

you may want to look at any dial plan changes fop2 introduced or restore to a stock distro build and test time conditions with all updates and confirm its working and then introduce fop2

im assuming system time is correct , if you view asterisk log files from reports are the times shown there what you would expect … beyond that a call trace from the full log might expose the issue

I would also double check your time group and the time condition destinations.

And double check that the time condition is in the call flow.

Also, make sure you do not have an inbound route from the number you called in with.

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