Time Conditions > Not Triggering > Server Time Not Received

I am having a problem with Time Conditions. This morning, it came to my attention that the system was answering calls as though we are closed, which is my “no other time conditions are met” destination. Based on my time conditions, it should be answering calls as though we are open, however. I’m not sure if it is related, but within the Time Condition flyout menu it says “Server Time Not Received.” The Time Group flyout also shows “Server Time Not Received.”

The issue just started today; everything was working fine (to my knowledge) yesterday. Any thoughts? For now, I have set the appropriate conditions to match temporarily.

Not related but fixed in timeconditions 13.0.14

Thanks. Found my issue with the Time Conditions (turned out to be configuration), and yes, the “Server Time Not Received” problem is resolved on my end.

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