Time Conditions for internal call

Here’s the situation: we have door phone (several) and would like to create a Time Condition call to a Ring Group. Yes, I know most manufacturers have settings within their devices (Axis, etc.) to do scheduling; however, we want this to occur on the switchboard - independent of the hardware. So that anytime someone presses the button on the device, the time conditions are checked and applied - call a Ring Group or play a sound.

I have ALL of the parts of the puzzle in-place (Time Group, Time Condition, system recording, Ring Group) I just need to know how to make this happen. Can’t be an IVR, as there are no buttons other than the call button on some of the door phones (Axis).


You want a Misc Application then config the door phone to dial the Misc Application number.

What is this witchcraft of which you speak?

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I presume the door phones are programmed to dial a sequence of digits when someone presses the call button? If so, you would program them to dial a Misc Application. The Misc Application in turn goes to the time condition and so on until the call reaches a ring group or a recording.

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Thanks for your help. Never know about the Misc Applications.

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