Time conditions for extention

Hello I am trying to find a way to set time conditions for outbound calls for a specific extension. I want to restrict the hours an extension can call throughout the day. Where do I go to set this?

Create a Time Group that matches the times when the extension(s) should not be allowed to call out.

Create an Outbound Route, using this time group, that matches all calls for for the restricted extension(s). For example, for extension 1234, set prepend (blank), prefix (blank), match pattern X. and CallerID 1234.
This route should have the Trunk Sequence empty.

Place the new route after your Emergency routes but before any of the regular routes. When extension 1234 makes a call, if the time group matches, the special route will be used. Since there are no trunks, the caller will get an ‘All circuits are busy now’ message. When the time group doesn’t match, the special route will be ignored and the first regular route that matches will be used.

Emergency calls will still go through at any time.

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