Time conditions - Feature code won't work


I have “time conditions” setup: between 9 and 17H30: calls go to a ring group. From 17H30 until 9AM next morning: the calls go to an announcement (business hours).

I was hoping to use the feature code (*271) to change the conditions when I’m outside of business hours to make the ring group enabled again. That is useful when I’m outside of business hours but I know someone is at the office and I want to join them. Unfortunately: the feature code *271 will only get the announcement to return to the beginning.

What am I doing wrong?



This is mainly due to inbound callers not having the ability to just enter your feature codes and wreak havoc on your PBX. Your best bet is to setup an IVR to call into and have options that will go to your feature code admin.

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I figured out that I can use the feature code internally, but when I’m dialing in, that feature code will not work because by the time I’m entering it, the time condition is no longer where I’m at: i’m hearing the announcement, so the time condition has already directed my call .

The IVR is the way to go. I’ll stop procrastinating.

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