Time conditions don't seem to work

Hi, I have two very basic IVR’s, one daytime one nighttime. I have set the time conditions to use daytime ivr from 6:30-17:00 monday thru friday. All seem correct, looked in extensions_additional.conf and i see the timeconditions context and it looks correct. However it never seems to get called. Checking the logs I also see it never gets called.

I have scoured the the extension_??.confs and do not see an include for the time conditions context. I’m thinking it was a write problem with FreePBX. I could be wrong. Where should the timeconditions context be called from?

Thanks to anyone that can lend a hand.


All the relevant dialplan should show in extensions_additional.conf

Do you have the inbound routing set up to use the time conditions? Or set to go to the IVR, etc… that in turn calls the Time condition to determine what to do.

I have had this same problem until I correctly set up the route to use the time condition to determine where to go. (I.E same as you, one day IVR and one night IVR with different announcements that lead to slightly different call management.

Good luck, Paris

Thanks for that little tidbit. I knew I was doing somthing wrong as Time Conditions seem like an important part and a simple thing. For it not to work just didn’t make sense.

Once I changed my inbound to point to the time conditions all was right in my world.