Time conditions don't seem to work?


I’m very new to FreePbx / Asterisk.
I’ve donwloaded the iso and installed it on a pc for testing.
With some hassle I was able to setup the pbx with IVR menu’s etc.

Now I have a problem, I want to “close” the phone lines after business hours.
So I created an IVR without extensions, but playing a “we’re closed” message.(there’re probably better ways to do this, all advice is welcome)

Then I used time groups & time conditions to transfer calls to that "closed’ IVR after business hours. But whatever I try, it doesn’t seem to do anything, all calls are still transfered to the “we’re open” IVR.I can’t image this is a known problem in freepbx so I guess I must be doing something wrong.

Any pointers?

PS There are a few other small basic things I could use some help with. If someone feels like guiding me a little on these first steps, I sure would appreciate!

Kind regards & thx

They do work.
I didn’t realise I had to route incoming calls over the time condition and this isn’t done automatiscally.

Thanks for this, I had a similar problem, now it’s ok.