Time Conditions Disappears for Admin User

Hello, I’m running FreePBX distro 5.211.65-19 using Asterisk 11. I have some time conditions set for a medical office where at night calls are auto forwarded to an answering service. I gave one of the users in the office a username with access to Time Conditions only, where they can manually forward the phones if they need them to forward earlier than the time set in the time group. I have them go into the Time Condition and just select “temporarily unmatched”. I noticed that right after they log in to FreePBX with their username and do that, the time condition can only be seen by their username and not as admin or any other admin user I created. When I go to Time Conditions as admin, it literally does not exist. When I go to inbound route and need to set a destination, it is available there, however.

Any thoughts?