Time Conditions are missing

I have lost the list of time conditions in the admin module! The rules continue to process and work, but I would not be able to edit them via the admin panel if needed. I have confirmed they still exist in the extensions_additional.conf, but where has the list gone in the upper right hand side allowing me to edit them?


Any help is appreciated, not sure why FPBX is no longer pulling these configs for editing. I am capable of editing code if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks in advance,

I was just able to add some new time conditions, and it appears there are new fields in the form. I added the new condition successfully and these ones appear to show up in the list, just none of the previous entries. The entries still exist in extensions_additional.conf but not sure why they are not being pulled into the FreePBX module.

I ended up going through the php and debugging this myself. I found that the difference in the new entries (that show up) and the old entries that were missing were because the query included a deptname check that was not working. All of the old entries had the deptname of “Admin”, and the new ones had no entry at all. I went ahead and updated all timeconditons to have no deptname and all entries are showing up again. This appears to be a bug of some sort.

It seems you opened the FREEPBX-7153 Ticket: report what you recently wrote here also on the Ticket’s Comment filed, doing so will help Developers too.