Time Conditions and Groups and REST-API


I would like to implement the following scenario, it should be fairly common. After hours, I want things to go to an Announcement and then directly into a voicemail box. I want this to be controlled via a Time Condition with a Time Group for our open hours. Above that Time Group I would have a “Holiday Time Coniditions”, where we would short circuit to the after hours IVR.

The catch is that I would want the BLF light on the “Time Conditions” to show Red only when the destination is the Announcement. Right now, with the Holiday only defining the days for the holidays, it is not matching on most days and causing the light to be red on all non-holidays…

It’s almost like I need to invert the time group so that the path in the time condition would be matching on regular day, and non-matching on holiday. I guess I could define all the days which we are opened, but that seems like a bunch of work…

How does everyone else accomplish this?



Do TWO time groups.

One will be Holidays. The other will be business hours.

Do TWO time conditions.

TC 1: Holidays
Match: Go to IVR
No Match: Go to TC2

TC 2: Business Hours
Match: Normal
No Match: Announcement

As far as Red vs. Green, you may have to invert the hours, but only for the Business Hours Time Group.