Time Condition

Hi; I will try and expalain things.
Ext 800 is apart of ring group 600.
I made a que 1300 that should ring only to Ext 800.
Next made a time condition from 13:00 - 14:00 should goto que 1300.
Nothing happens. Its like I didn’t do anything.
Can you sugest anything?

I thank you for you time.
It is true all my trunks are inbound routed to ring group 600.
I don’t see away of doing what you say (if I understand you correctly):

  1. set inbound routes to Time Condition 1300
  2. And set inbound routes to Ring Group 600

I guess I am missing something?

I assume there is an inbound DID you are routing here someplace. That being said, the inbound DID should route to the time condition. If the time matches (13:00 - 14:00 then send traffic to queue 1300, otherwise send traffic to ring group 600.