Time condition

When cooking up a time condition, is there no way to leave a normal inbound route undisturbed if the time DOES NOT match?

Basically I want to send callers who ring during bedtime to an IVR, and basically if it’s NOT bedtime, for the call to proceed as it normally would.

I can’t see an option in the time groups for how to “leave the call alone” if it doesn’t match the time? At the moment I seem to have to choose an alternative destination. I don’t understand how this won’t cause problems when I have two trunks and therefore two inbound numbers.
i.e. at the moment, if someone calls me on 01204333111, my PSTN line, my house telephones ring. If someone calls me on 01344222555, my Sipgate line, my softphone rings.

I don’t see how I can avoid (using the time groups) sending 01344222555 calls to the house telephones?


Since the “normal” call flow is different depending on the incoming number (DID) you may have to create seperate time conditions for each inbound route. For the first time condition if it matches goes to IVR if not goes to your “normal” call flow for 01204333111 and for the second if matches goes to IVR and if not goes to the “normal” call flow for 01344222555. Point your your inbound routes to the relevant time condition. You should be able to use the same Time Group for both time conditions.

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