Time Condition State incorrect


I use

/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx ‘core show hint *278’

in a script and use the “state” output (inUse or Idle) to monitor if this time condition is active or not. It worked fine until I migrated our freepbx to our cloud infra.

Since this migration the time condition query returns idle instead of inUse and the monitoring script fails. When I deactivate and reactivate the “invert BLF hint” button the state shows ‘inUse’ for a minute and then switches to idle again. The time condition itself seems to work though. It just seems to be the output.

Apart from the fact that the Gui says the output should be “not_inUse” instead of “idle” this seems like a bug.

Can anyone tell me where the time condition switches are logged? It might help me to find the cause.

Thank you

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