Time Condition Overrides acting up

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-17

Time Condition: Open M-F 9:00am - 5:30pm
Override feature code: *271

If condition matched: go to receptionist ring group
If condition not matched: got to after hours IVR

Once in awhile our receptionist will need to leave her desk, so she’ll hit a BLF key with feature code *271.
The BLF key will turn red or green & say time activated or deactivated.

Sometimes the system gets confused as to what state it’s in. She’ll hit the BLF key, it will say time activated & turn red.
But when someone calls in, her phone will still ring & the BLF key will turn green.

Why isn’t the temp. override sticking? How do I fix it to keep the temp. override in place until deactivated?
This is all happening during normal business hours. I’m not trying to deactivate the time condition after hours…

I had the exact same issue on one of our systems 2 weeks ago. I rolled back to a previous version of the Time Condition module to fix it.

Sounds like a bug.
Has it been reported?


Thanks, I think this is the main one:

Yeah the one I posted was a duplicate