Time condition override not working afterhours

I’m using Asterisk 11 and Freepbx 12.
One time groups: M-F 8am to 5pm = Workhours
One time condition called “Workhours” override code 271 using above time group.
if matched, goes to a “operator” ring group. If not matched, goes to afterhours IVR.

My issue is this office sometimes works on saturdays and in the past I’ve told customers to put in the override code on these occasions to get the calls to flow through to the ring group. When this one in particular puts in the override code, it only says “time condition activated” and the calls will not come through, they go to the IVR.
Inbound route points to the time condition.

Am I missing something glaringly obvious??


Or should i use a nested time condition with a second time group of afterhours (5pm-7:59am) that is the opposite of the workhours time condition and group?

I discovered this same problem, here is my solution:
I, like you, have a client that wants a day/night mode. At first, i also used time conditions as the solution. But then the client wanted to be able to start receiving calls before business hours if he got there early.


Instead of sending calls to the time condition / group,

  • create the day/night mode by using Call Flow Control module (if you dont have it, install it), with one destination being the ring-group and the other the IVR - no time groups!

  • program phones with speed dial blf to the day night mode (call flow control) trigger number

  • send inbound calls to the Call Flow Control instead of time group

Now whenever the client / employee is in the office, deactivate night mode and calls ring to extensions. When everyone leaves, activate nightmode. Works on saturdays too