Time condition override behavior

I’ve got a few day/night time conditions. Our staff occasionally leave early and someone needs to enable the night condition manually. I understand that they can do this by calling the override feature code associated with the TC, but does the TC automatically revert to normal operation when it hits it’s specified switch time?

eg: TC setup:

start: 0800
end: 1630

If match, inbound calls goes to reception. if not match, inbound calls go to IVR.
Dial override code, during matching hours, calls will go to IVR, and dial override while not matching, and calls will go to reception.
What happens if we dial the override at 1530? I’d assume calls would go to IVR and then at 1630, the override would expire and calls would continue going to IVR until 0800. Is this the case, or just wishful thinking?

Goes to IVR


This is how it functions

Woot! Just wanted some confirmation before I try it live tonight.