Time condition override announcement "activated/deactivated"

When dialing a star code to override a time condition, it seems to me that the announcement is backwards from what it used to be (like a year or two ago). Was this purposefully flipped at some point?

The announcement to behavior that I see now:
“time activated” = Temporary Override unmatching state (if time does not match, go to IVR)

“time deactivated” = No Override (if time matches–ie not overridden–go to ring group)

At some point this changed. Like from 2.10 I’m guessing.

You don’t say what version of FreePBX you are using, but at some point the option to “Invert Hint” was added to time conditions. My guess that inverting the hint, also inverts the recordings.

Thanks. I tested on a very old system, asterisk /freepbx, and a newer system running asterisk 11.19/freepbx 2.11. The former was the system that I noticed the change in behavior after updating the time condition module. I don’t recall the previous version that it had been on.

I haven’t seen blf hints as an option on the time condition module for years.