Time condition on end only

We currently have a time condition for incoming calls:
From 08:00-16:30 the “Operator” ring group is dialed.
Outside of that time it’s routed to the answering service.

Now, the office manager wants to enable the operator ring group manually instead of based on time.
But she still wants the system to automatically roll to the answering service at 16:30.

Is this possible?

Is the problem that she wants to come in early, or does she not want the “start” time to start until she presses the button?

If it’s the former, leave the time condition along and set up a phone button that dials “*281” or whatever your “toggle timecondition 1” feature code is. You can find it in the "Manage Feature Codes page.

If the latter, there are a couple of choices, the easiest is to set the phones so that the start time is 16:39 and the stop time is 16:30. She can then use the toggle timecondition button to turn the mode on or off at will, except for that minute right before 4:30.

She doesn’t want the start til one of the operators pushes the button.

I think it’s a failsafe in case of snowstorm or unforeseen circumstances where none of the operators can get to their desk by 8AM, they want to make sure the customers reach the answering service/live person instead of a voicemail box.

They’re already using the toggle time condition state (say when they have an admin meeting and none of them are available to answer the phone.) I guess I always thought of it as an “Override” rather than a “Toggle”.

But your solution makes sense, so I’ll try it.