Time Condition not working correctly


• I have set up a time condition that routes to our incident management queue during working hours and a voice announcement after working hours.
• working hours are defined by a time group: Mo-Fr, 9 - 18
• I wrote a monitoring script to make sure that our first level will be alarmed in case customer calls to our incident management are not able to get through because of a wrong time condition state.

It uses the command

asterisk -rx "core show hint *276"

to read the BLF state in order to determine if the time condition matches or not.

For some reason not clear to me yet the time condition switches around 9:10, ten minutes later than set in the time group.
So our first level is getting alarms which is not wanted.
I have further written a script that is executed as a cronjob shortly before and after 9 am to send me a mail containing the time condition state and system time. It does show me that the time condition doesn’t match until 9:10.

• System time is ok. It is set by our own ntp server
• Time Group settings are ok
• system modules up to date

PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2012-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.16.2

further procedure
• I have set the time condition to use a time zone instead if system time
• tomorrow I will call shortly after 9 am and check if it is a mistake in my script interpreting the BLF state

Can someone here please tell me what I could possibly search for in the logs and which logs that would be? Or any other ideas?

Thank you!

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