Time condition multi language

I’m trying to setup my system before moving it to production and got a little snag that can’t figure out how to do it.

I have the system in both French and English (main language is French). I have a main welcome message in both languages and want to add 9 for English. after the timeout that is configured in the main welcome message it goes in a complex time condition for holidays, opening hours… but the time condition uses the default language (French). Is there a way to specify a different language in the time condition or there would be a better way to do it ? all my recordings have a French and English version recorded so I can change the language easily.

Main message (bilingual) ---- time condition (French)

Main message (bilingual) and users press 9 — time condition (English)

Can you explain your time condition setup?

As far as I’m aware, there’s no time condition prompts which can be played in different languages.

Given the availability of prompts in more than one language, the one that is played is conformant to the current channel variable on that channel :-


You can override it with some custom code.

Guys this is handled in the system recordings module. You can create different langauge recordings for the same system prompt and then at a route level or even though options in the IVR change the language.

You can then route calls to the language module to change the language and route them to any other destination like a time condition.

ok still new with FreePBX, I have my different language recordings configured but I don’t understand the route level.

Also in the IVR for testing I configured the 9 button to language and English but it doesn’t play the message in the English language it hangs up after what seems the timeout period. (10 seconds)

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