Time Condition Hint Not in Correct State

We’ve got two time groups configured and two time conditions, Holiday and Office Hours.

Call flow goes to Holiday time condition and if it matches they get a closed for holiday recording, if it doesn’t it goes to Office Hours time condition. If the Office Hours time condition matches it goes to our normal IVR, if it doesn’t it goes to a closed message.

The time conditions switch correctly, however, the hint for the office hours time condition usually does not report correctly.

I’ve got a BLF on my phone to monitor and override it. It will display in use when the time condition is met (during office hours) but the time condition does operate properly. If I show hints, it shows that it is “InUse”.

If a call hits the time condition it will switch to Idle for 10 seconds or so, and the BLF updates correctly, but then it goes back to InUse. If I manually toggle the TC back and forth it will behave the same as if a call hit it.

We’re running FreePBX 10.13.66-19 and TC module I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module, as well as rolling back to previous versions. It may work for a couple days, but then reverts to this behavior.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I should mention that on the second TC (Holiday), the hint seems to work correctly.

The Office Hours one is set to NOT invert the hint. If it matches (office open) it should be idle and if it fails (office closed) it should be InUse.

The Holiday TC is set TO invert the hint. If it matches (is a holiday) it should be InUse and Idle if it fails (not a holiday).

The Hint should work either way.

Have you looked in the /var/log/asterisk/full log to see what is happening with the hint? The setting of the hint is documented in there.

Also, you aren’t trying to use the same hint for both, are you? I can’t imagine a way that would ever work right, but you never know.

This is your problem. You need to be on It’s in edge. Has not been approved by QA.

See: http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-13802

No it’s actually not. A script runs outside of Asterisk that changes the hint state.

Duly noted - I could have sworn … Learn something new every day.

It used to but it created hundreds of cel/cdr records a day so we stopped doing that.

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@tm1000 Thank you very much, I knew I ran across something like this online before but could not find it again. I’ve updated the module to and it has corrected the issue.

@cynjut, and thank you for the quick reply… I love the constant development in the FreePBX community. It’s nice to see a project that is constantly being improved and refined. But you’re right, there’s something new to learn about it every day.

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