Time Condition for all lines

I have 20 DID numbers and all of them are connected to their own extension.
There is a need of all incoming calls to go through Time Contition. If the incoming call is made out of working time, for all of the DID numbers there is only one Announcement.
So is it possible to make FreePBX to handle the incoming calls to go through Time Condition and if it is working time to ring the extensions and if not to answer the Announcement and how to do that?

I want to avoid manually configuring each and for everyone DID its own Time Condition.


Unfortunately not at this time.

What you are really looking for though is more of a time based follow-me which there is desire to do and there has been some talk by some of the developers about attacking that one this year.

You alternative, which require some custom work but would achieve what you are trying to do, is to write some custom dialplan where you send the the trunk to. This dialplan would remember the number and send the call to your desired time condition. Your time condition would point to the announcement at night time and to another custom chunk of dialplan during the day time. (You would register that destination in the custom applications module so you can use it as a destination in the time conditions module). That dialplan would simply pull the remembered number from where you saved it (some channel variable) and send it on to from-pstn (or directly to ext-did) where it would be sent on its way to your inbound routes.

A little bit of work but those two contexts don’t change afterwards and the rest of it is managed and updated in FreePBX.

I don’t think you have much choice.

The incoming calls have to be routed by the DID number to their own time condition.

On the positive side, all of the time conditions can point to the same after-hours announcement.

At least that is what I did with my DID’s.