Time Condition - different IVR

Hello All FreePBX Experts,

I have been able to create Time Condition with Time Group; however, I have stucked with this:

Main Number coming to Time Condidtion Monday-Sunday

00:00-02:00 Ring Group All
02:00-05:00 Misc DEstination
05:00-00:00 Main IVR

If you can, please advice.

Thank You

You have to stack Time Conditions.

For reference, let’s refer to your destinations as A, B, and C.
refer to the Time Conditions are referenced as 1 and 2.

A) 00:00-02:00 Ring Group All
B) 02:00-05:00 Misc DEstination
C) 05:00-00:00 Main IVR

Time Condition 1 selects between Destination A and Time Condition 2
Time Condition 2 selects between Destinations B and C.

You would set up Time Condition 1 to send all calls between 0000 and 0200 to destination A. All other calls would be set to fall through to TC 2.

TC2 would forward calls between 0200 and 0500 to Dest B. Calls from 0500 to 0000
would go to C


Thank You Bill

You’re most welcome!


I have a one more question: if I want to override time conditions by placing some sort of number I can use DAY/NIGHT mode that is perfect for one Holiday message; however, I have 2 different messages.

In case of one message it would like:

         |            |
         |            |
         |            |
     TimeCond.     Holiday1

I would like to have ability to put Holiday2. How can I atchieve that?

Basically I would like to have ability to manually override TimeCOnd. and have choice of two different Holidays (holiday1 and holiday2) IVR depends on time of a year. If anyone knows how to do that please advice if you can.

Thank You, MST

Basically, again the answer is cascading functions…

Maybe a couple of day/night functions?


something like


| |

Day/Night Day/NIGHT ?

Probably…I think if you diddle with it a bit you can get the effect you want.



If I get it working I will post my findings. Basically, I need this to override
main time conditions with 2 different types of holiday IVRS (two different messages - deppends on time of a year)



I’m using Freepbx from Asterisknow iso and I have been able to setup everything that I need to from using what I have found on the sight, but I have not been able to get two things to work yet. I would like my closed conditions to start at 19:00 and finish at 6:59 Mon-Sat. The conditions show as “19:00-06:59|mon-sat|1-31|jan-dec” in my Time Groups. In the time Conditions I have Time Conditions 1 named “Time Conditions” with the time group set to “Closed-Message”. The Destination is set to go to the IVR"Closed-Message" if it the Destination if time matches: if it doesn’t it will go to my default IVR. So what happens is the default IVR always plays 24hrs a day.

What is wrong with my setup?

check that your inbound route’s destination is the time condition, not the ivr.

Your sardonic comment was taken as a “Good” lesson and I was not offended by the comment. I commented on this post strictly on the merit of reading other posts around here and people complaining that “there is already a post on this topic…” with rude “sardonic comments” attached. So on that note, Thanks for your time.

My inbound route was set to the IVR, so I pointed it to my only time condition. I will check back in at 19:00 to let you know if it worked for me.

Thanks for the help.

The time conditions are working perfectly. Thanks for the information.

yea the conditions about time are doing a nice job … i am much relaxed now to see it moving nicely…thnx for the info :slight_smile: