Time condition didnt work

So we have a time group that includes open hours (8-5) and holidays. The holidays have no time programmed on them (blank fields), just days and month. The system ignored the holiday times and treated everything like it was a normal work day. We setup the time group, as stated in the wiki, to exclude holidays. Why didn’t the system see the settings for the holiday?

Logs around the start of the first holiday might provide some insight, as would a screenshot of the actual time groups and conditions.

So here is our solution. I found it in the forums. We create a closed time group. If there is a match, it goes to appropriate VM. If there is no match, it treats it as normal and routes inbound into the system normally. Since customer has multiple clients, multiple time conditions, a closed time group works better. It allows more control over when you are closed than when you are open.

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