Time Condition / CFC question


I need to set up a CFC / Time Condition and trying to put it together so the end user has only one CFC/Time condition button and all the logic happens behind. Someone tell me if this is even possible


Would like to have a button which will go to IVR and when pressed based on time conditions it will go to three separate announcements (lunch/ after hrs msg M-F, after hrs msg Sat-mond). Is something like that possible ? Or do i need to set up more than two buttons on the phone and use combinations of both ?


ok i got it to work

basically have button programmed to CFC that toggles between IVR and Time Condition
TC 1 goes to LUNCH announcement is time is M-F 1-2, otherwise it goes to TC 2 where if all day M-F it’ll go to M-F AFTER HOURS announcement, otherwise it will go to Sat-Sund AFTER HOURS announcement. So a combination of CFC with cascading TCs did the trick.