Time Condition BLF, doesn't light up correctly. Pick up Group BLF possible?


I have set up a Time Condition for standard business time (8 - 12 a.m. and 2 - 6 p.m.), it works just fine. But I have some troubles with the BLF on my SNOM Phone. I’ve set a Button as BLF button, but it works only sometimes ;).
It doesn’t switch at the correct time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it switches a few minutes later, and sometimes it only switches to the correct position if I place a call, and sometimes it switches off after a few minutes, altough it should stay on.

Any ideas, why this things are happening?

And another question too, is it possible to have a BLF light up, if a call in the pick up group is waiting, so I can easily see that there is a call for another person, and I can pick it up ( with *8 or something like that )?

Thank you

I find the failure now.

I have to put the correct Timezone in de GUI in advanced settings in “php timezone”. Now the Time in the time conditions is displayed correctly and the phone BLF key lights up correctly! Thank you for all your help!