Time change/Daylight savings

Is there a simple way to change the time due to Daylight Savings Time? The only way I know is to go to each phone individually & change it. I’m sure there’s got to be a global setting somewhere, but I can’t find it. I’m running TrixBoxCE Thank you!

You have not provided enough detail to give a real answer.

who’s phones? Are they configured to use NTP? Do you have the NTP server service running on your server? Are the phones syncing to it?

NTP is a time service that is designed to keep all computers and the time sync’d between systems. it’s not a hard service to configure and run. Once it is setup properly adjust the phones to use that service (assuming they can do that) instead of entering the date and time. Then reboot the phones so that they use that configuration setup and you’ll never had to worry about it again.

I’m sorry–I’m running TrixBox ce with Linksys phones (SPA 942 & 962). How would I know if I’m running NTP? Thanks for your help-

Yes the phones support ntp according to the quick spec’s I found. trixbox CE should also come with ntp installed, I’ve not run the 2.6 series but previous versions already install it.

Here are some links:

http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-install-ntp-to-synchronize-server-clock/ (I’d find a more local NTP server to you then the example).

The end all for ntp information:


Please be aware that to sync to a world time server you should follow the rules or it is possible to get blocked, ntp.org has all that info for you.

Google is your friend.