Time blinking on Polycom IP 331 phones

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the ip of my PBX server is ?
eth0 is (IP on VLAN 26 where phones have taken IP from network with DHCP)
Eth1 is (IP for the Freepbx web GUI)
the ip of my phone is ?
For example, my Phone’s IP is
the ip of my ntp server is ?
IP for my ntp server is pointed to
the ip of my dhcp server is ?
The IP range for my DHCP server is to

Just to clarify, the first asterisk server we provisioned four years ago had same values, and phones were working OK taking time from server.


On that older machine you had an ntp service running, apparently not so on this one, you have yet to post

lsof -i :123

Run on 26.6

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This is looking more and more like a VLAN problem. Just having everything on the right IP addresses isn’t enough. You also have to make sure that everything is using the VLAN tags. Without that, it will look like a firewall is in the way.

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I will take a look on the FW

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Last Wednesday I’ve ran this command, result was
lsof -i:123
chronyd 797 chrony 3u IPv4 18075 0t0 UDP *:ntp
chronyd 797 chrony 5u IPv6 18076 0t0 UDP *:ntp


If you have vlans involved then your ntp daemon (chrony) will need to broadcast on those networks also.

I suspect (as others also have) that you don’t fully understand the vlan(s) you have deployed or why and what needs to be done, none of this is pertinent to these fora which are about FreePBX and google is really full of answers for your deployment :slight_smile:


This thread is ridiculous – 67 posts for a simple problem, not yet resolved.

I suspect that we were misled by an incorrect observation and suggest that we start over.

On the PBX, capture traffic on the 172.16.26.x interface and have the phone request the time. There are three plausible results:

  1. No NTP request comes in.
  2. Requests come in but no replies are sent.
  3. Requests come in and valid responses are sent.

If it’s (2), it’s a problem on the PBX. Briefly disable the firewall to see whether that’s the culprit. Then, fix the firewall or the NTP server, as appropriate.

If it’s (1), use port mirroring on the switch to capture traffic at the phone. If the phone is sending requests properly (correct IP address, port, VLAN tag), you’ve got a simple network issue. If it’s sending improperly or not at all, it’s a provisioning or DHCP issue (for example, phone is getting NTP address from DHCP server that is handing out the address of the old PBX).

If it’s (3), use port mirroring on the switch to capture traffic at the phone. If the phone is receiving NTP responses properly, a provisioning or firmware issue. If the responses are missing or corrupted, a simple network issue.

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Yes, it seems kind-of risita, but wasn’t an easy issue either. See, I’ve tried number 3,butno results. I’ll try other options you suggested. Thanks.

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Believe me Mr. Dicko, Google is my Bible. I’ll check on firewall first.

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Got solution of this issue. Have to execute commands every time I reboot server, but it does work. It was firewall. Thanks to everyone who gave support in this issue.