Tie a Smart Phone into PBX?

Is there a way to take a smartphone (say an Android or iPhone)… and “hook it” into the PBX system?

I would like to have the incoming calls to the smartphone (from say T-Mobile) tie into the PBX system… then sent over to call groups / extensions.

Is there something like this in the market?
Thank you!

I’m still quite new to all of this… so maybe I’m going about this the wrong way.

Would it be simpler to forward all calls going into the mobile phone, and send them to one of the FreePBX lines?

You can use a smartphone app like Wave Lite or add the mobile number to a ring group using #0000000000 and the call will also ring on the mobile number next to the other extensions entered.

Years ago, I recall reading about Bluetooth base stations that would establish a SIP channel to the PBX, and automatically send inbound mobile calls to the PBX whenever the mobile is in range of the BT base. I don’t know if such a thing still exists or not.

I used a SIP app on my phone for this.
Works well.

Might need to do a bit of port forwarding or use something like OpenVPN so your phone can still connect back to the server.

From the answers posted here it seems like not everyone is clear what OP is looking for.

To me it seems like OP wants calls to his cellphone to get delivered to the PBX and the PBX should handle the call routing.

The question is what is your end goal?
A) Did your business grow and you want to use your cellphone number as the official phone number? Then you can port your cellphone number to your provider and you will get a new cellphone number.
B) If it’s something else, you might want to do a simple call forward to any free DID on your PBX.

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Yes, with a bonus: if your office is closed and you want to take the mobile with you for after-hours calls, you can just disable the forwarding.

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