Ticket #6546: Scroll bars in menus after install of Distro 3.211.63-8 all commercial modules installed

I just downloaded Distro 3.211.63-8 64 bit and loaded it.

After the system loaded I went to the IP address of the system and was presented with the page to create the admin user ID and password. I entered user “admin” and a password as well as email address. After hitting submit I received a page saying there was a problem with the used ID and password. I was still able to login with the user ID and password I created but all of the menus have horizontal and vertical scroll bars. I am using Firefox 18.0

Has anyone seen this sort of problem. The system seems to be functional.

I just noticed that all the commercial modules appear to be installed but I did not install them.

I have tried IE, Firefox and Chrome. No joy.

I tried to reinstall several times. No joy.

I have opened Ticket #6546 for this issue.

FreePBX Team

Great job getting these issues fixed so fast!!!

Thank you . We are trying to fix bugs as fast as they come up and listen to what you guys want. We changed the menu drop down and got complaints so we came up with a better solution that did not change the menu for large monitors but allowed scrolling for small monitors. Glad we were able to get this resolved to everyones satisfaction.

I noticed that too. Great to see it’s be sorted so quickly. It’s not every forum that you can get this sort of service from!