Three New NICs in the PBX - But I didn't install any of them

Friends, good morning!
Today, when logging into my PBX, I noticed a strange thing on my dashboard: there were three new network cards:
In the print, 1 and 2 are my eth0 and eth1.
Here are the other NICs in the system admin:

From what I understand, the two “veth” interfaces are connected to each other, through the “@”.
And strangely, that “docker0” card has an IP assigned to it.

These three interfaces appeared on my system out of nowhere, and I’m worried about it.
I did a brief search on google and from what it seems, these interfaces are related to virtualization.

My system runs in a VM using Hyper-V 2022.

What could have happened and how to remove these interfaces?

The output of the ifconfig -a command, giving more information about these cards:

(separated into two prints because of the size)

The Ethernet devices with mac starting 00:15 are virtual adapters configured in VMGuest settings in HyperV

Looks like someone has installed docker on FreePBX guest VM

In order to list the Docker containers, we can use the “docker ps” or “docker container ls” command. This command provides a variety of ways to list and filter all containers on a particular Docker engine.

Good luck

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