Thoughts from Trixbox users about wether to upgrade to 2.6.1?

I’m using Based on just a little of the venom around the two sites over the break what are others thinking about not bother to upgrade or going alone with FreePBX. Frankly speaking other than a nice install stack I have found Trix not to useful yet. Granted I have only really gotten started over the last year so I haven’t put much use of some of the features.

While I like FreePBX very much I am hesitant about making a break to only the trixbox.

Any thoughts?

Thanks Paris

PS sorry for the verbage, Its late and time to get to bed!

If you haven’t found that much usage out of the TrixBox distribution, have you considered going with one of the other ones such as PBX in a Flash or Elastix? Elastix actually provides just about everything that Trix does, including a package manager. It’s only drawbacks are that they tend to be a little slower in moving forward to newer versions of Centos And freePBX (unless you pitch in and assist), and the fact that most of the code is not commented in English (which is mostly my problem). It also has Call Center features which you can’t get until you upgrade to Pro on Trix. Not to pore fuel on the flames, but if you aren’t satisfied, take a look around. You can do it by hand if you want, but why, with all the other options out there? Especially if you aren’t using the features anyway…

markh aka oneobserver

I’ve found Trixbox really unusefull as well.

Nevertheless, you do not really need to uninstall it if you do not want it.

Simply change the URL you are using :

for FreePBX :


for FreePBX + Trixbox :


Using only FreePBX save some very usefull room on the screen.

Last, before upgrading to more recent versions, verify the compatibility with all functions you are using. In the asterisk world, the latest in not necessarily better.

Using a bit older versions is often easier to deals with because you can find usefull informations inside forums and tracks. Using the latest versions, each problem will become a big headache as nobody will be able to help you.

Good reminder that in the linux world old and working is generally better than new and fresh. So far I have not had an issue with any of the FreePBX upgrades. The FOP died but that was adobe being dumb as usual.
Thanks PAris