Third person in line - but don't know about it

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A colleague (Softphone) told me that he was on a call with an external colleague and his cell phone.
After this call, the external colleague said that he received a message from a customer who was WITH IN this call as a third person but the other ones does not heard him and they didnt recognized him at all… The softphone does not showed up a third caller or showed up a initiated call to this customer…

I absolutely dont know where to begin with and i really want to ask you if this situation is possilble at all?! When a soft- or hardphone DID NOT initiate a call and send it as request to the PBX, how the hell did a PBX automatically call a customer WITHIN the same call as they two are?!

I really think that the colleague with the cell phone started a conference or something… BECAUSE, according to the employee, it was THE SAME customer they spoke about… i mean there are coincidences in the world but THIS… is very strange.

Is this a possible case at all for a PBX that it start calls without any info?!

Thanks for help!

Check the logs and CDR’s. That will help shed some light, correct?

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From the perspective of the PBX if something occurred locally it would have to be visible there. The call would show up in some way. If it doesn’t then this occurred externally, most likely the conference scenario you mentioned.

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