Third Party Region/Endpoint for S3 Filestore

In FreePBX 15 it looks like there is no way to select an S3 AWS Region in Filestore besides those provided in the dropdown box. I use a third party S3 compatible solution (DigitalOcean Spaces) and would like to backup to that location instead of S3 on AWS.

Is there any way to add a custom S3 endpoint url instead of picking one of the provided S3 regions?

its limited to the selections in the dropdown

These should be backed by a database entry somewhere… If so, the user should be able to add one at their own risk so that they can access the wide world of relying on the charity of others with their critical infrastructure.

I do agree, that would be nice.

This sparked me to do some more digging which actually led me to the source code. It looks like the values for this dropdown are actually hard coded here:

Even if they weren’t directly backed by a db entry, It would be awesome if there was an “other” dropdown that allowed you to input your own url.

Until then it looks like my only workaround would be to potentially modify the code, or use AWS S3.

Could you please raise feature request to ?

thanks a lot

If you do that, include it in the ticket you submit as @kgupta1 recommended.

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