Think i may be having a google voice problem

i am trying to do the Wolfram Alpha for Asterisk i can dial in and it work on my sip phone, however i am having trouble dialing in from my cell phone.
i have

  1. Enter your credentials in the Google Voice tab in FreePBX.
  2. Set up an extension.
  3. Create an inbound route using the 10-digit DID of your Google Voice account and point it to the extension you set up.

i am getting my Google voice mail and cant dial 4747 to test the system.
i followed this post to set up the Wolfram Alpha for Asterisk Wolfram Alpha for Asterisk

am i doing something wrong?
how do i get this to work?
thanks in advance.

i am dialing it i press 4747 nothing happens then i try 4747# (pound sign) and it says rejected.
also still going to google voicemail

i still need help with this
thanks in advance.