These guys are good ! remote update of core os 5.7->6.5

seriously :slight_smile:

we are a commercial schmooze customer and were a little concerned about an upgrade being pushed to our system to take it from CentOS 5.7 to 6.5

this system has appx 200 extensions , several IAX trunks to remote sites , sip trunks, and a 4 port PRI

not sure how they do it but it worked flawlessly - people had actually told us this was something that couldn’t be done

thanks to tony and his team - they are the best !


It was a pleasure working with you again today. This is about the 800th upgrade from CentOS 5.7 to 6.x we have done in the past 5-6 months now. Thanks for the encouragement. We spent hundreds of development hours and 9 months of testing and tweaking getting scripts to handle this since RedHat and CentOS were adamant it should not be done and provide no way to do this.