The Uniden EXP1240 wireless DECT phones losing registration with FreePBX

We are running FreePBX on Asterisk 13.12.2. We have just installed 6 EXP1240H and 4 EXP1240B from Uniden. The are running awesome with great coverage and voice clarity in a manufacturing facility. However several of the phones lose registration in FreePBX, but still show registered in the Uniden Web GUI. These phones can make calls (anonymously, I am guessing) but cannot receive calls when the lose registration. Rebooting the phones several times fixed it for about 20 -30 minutes then they lose registration again. It may be they lose it when the roam between uniden base stations, but I don’t know for sure. This only seems to be a problem with 3 specific phones and extensions. We are using a dedicated extension for each phone. The DECT tree is configured properly in the Uniden GUI. Anyone have any ideas?

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